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Wild Thing

DudeStar: wild thing
DudeStar: u make my butt stink
DudeStar: u make everything poopy
SevenStar: flippen hell ur a naztey lil bugger

shit tha yellow ranger died on sep 3, 2001 she jus missed da xc00l stuff
i went 2 private christian sch00l fr0m 1-3rd grade n da onley thang i remeber bout jezus n shit iz how 2 play hot cr0ss bunz on da rec0rder
do u think ne1 tht participated in da lem0n party r still alive
red, white, & wildberry blue

ThreeStar: tell me 1 good thing about your day
SevenStar: i ate an wildberry t0aster studel
ThreeStar: hot damn
ThreeStar: that is fantastic
ThreeStar: does it still come with th blue icing
SevenStar: na l0l
ThreeStar: whaaaat!!!!!
SevenStar: tht blue icen iz 2 hardc0r for a p0st 9/11 w0rld
ThreeStar: america has truly suffered since that tragic event

April Fools from the SS forums

April Fools from the SS forums

Chef SevenStar
SevenStar: i wana steel a babay n filla tub up wit cheez whiz n thr0w da lil shit in it fac first
SevenStar: tht wud tak so manay jarz th0 dam
Khawner: question if god lost confidence atheism not a question jus wanted to share a line of punch
DudeStar: was that in english
TwoStar: lmao i understand WORDS but im not getting a cogent idea
DudeStar: ^'
Khawner: if god does not believe in himself he is an atheist u fucking joke scrub
TwoStar: why was ur joke so horribly broken before did you just freshly translate it from latin or something
Khawner: its called execution u uncultured shit piece
Khawner: god u got me steamed now OHHH you gof damned shitter
the starberry disconnected.
SevenStar: he gone folkz
TwoStar: wat have u done
DudeStar: berry em
SevenStar: he g0t raped i seen it
SevenStar: der wer 4 0f em thay gave him da old pig ona spit
SevenStar: :'(